Vik Secure

Protect and clean up your Joomla website from hackers and malware.
Version 1.2.2
Requirements Joomla 3/4/5
Cost meant for purchasing one License Key with a validity of 1 year for one website. Renewals are not mandatory, this is not a subscription, but Patches and Updates can only be installed if you have an active License Key for your domain.
Please consult our Terms and Conditions for more details.

A powerful tool to protect and clean up your Joomla! website

VikSecure is an extension that offers a lot of security services to protect and sanitize your Joomla! website from hackers, bots and malware. Given the strong relation between the Joomla! framework and Vik Secure, the extension can be installed starting from Joomla! 3.5.0.

The Server Requirements for using VikSecure are the same as your Joomla version. It is recommended to have the mb_strings support enabled on your PHP.INI Configuration.

By purchasing VikSecure you will get a single installer file that contains the main plugin (that acts like a component) and a few modules.

29 €
1 Domain License*
12 months of support
12 months of updates
No scans technical analysis**
129 €
Unlimited Domain Licenses*
12 months of support
12 months of updates
5 scans technical analysis**

* Only licensed domains will be able to receive technical support, updates and patches.

** Our team will review the scan results to identify which files are infected and to provide a possible resolution.

Vik Secure - Reports

A built-in system to keep track of the actions performed by the users that try to do something suspicious to your website.

The plugin is able to register different types of reports, such as authentication failures, countries not allowed, banned IPs and so on.

A report is always linked to the IP Address of the user, so that the plugin will be able to recognize the country from which it came from.

Admin Token

Protect your administrator panel behind an additional token form. Beside being an extra security measure, this tool is helpful to prevent the bots recognize that your website runs on Joomla!

If the form was too invasive for your needs, you can choose to enter a secret key directly in the URL query string. In this case the administrator panel would be visible only by accessing the URL like in this example:
Vik Secure - Admin Token

Auto-Ban Failure Logins
Vik Secure - Autoban

Block brute-force and dictionary attacks that try to find a valid login to access your Joomla! administrator panel.

This simple tool automatically blocks the users/bots that type a wrong username/password too many times in a short time range.

Server Scanner: clean up your Joomla! files

The plugin has a scanning feature to check if your server has been hacked.

The scanner is able to detect unsafe files, fake extensions, big files (that may use the memory disk) and so on.

In some cases the plugin can sanitize, clean up and make safe infected or malicious files.
Vik Secure - Scan States

Vik Secure - Dashboard

The dashboard gives you a preview of the number of attack attempts that your website suffered within the specified time range.

It is possible to use an apposite module to stick the dashboard within the CPanel section in the administrator area of your website. This way, every time you access the back-end, you can have a look at the dashboard to check for new attacks.

Login Detection

Receive a notification e-mail everytime someone logs into the administrator area using your account.

This feature is able to detect the browser used to login, the type of platform (e.g. iOS, Mac, Windows...) and the type of device (mobile, desktop or bot).

The e-mail message will contain the date and time of the login and (when possible) from which country the login has been made.

Thanks to the apposite links in the e-mail, you can approve or block (ban) quickly the IP address of the user that logged in.

Vik Secure - Login Detection

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