This is our support policy and post-sale support details. This policy is part of the general Terms and Conditions.

Issues with the Configuration of our Extension

Provide us detailed information about the issue and we will help you understand how the system works. We cannot provide efficient support if your request does not include a detailed description. Poorly explained situations will cause a ping-pong of messages, the resolution time will be longer and you will only get generic answers. Help us helping you!

Setting up your website and the Extension

We don't build websites but rather Joomla! extensions. This obviously involves a little of familiarity with the CMS on your end. We are a software development company that focuses on specific types of business and you should hire a developer if you need help configuring your Joomla website.

Issues with the Joomla! CMS or third party extensions

Web applications evolve very rapidly and so does the Joomla! CMS and any extension. Updates for the CMS are released to keep up with the security standards and the extensions are updated to provide new functions, improvements, stability and compatibility with the new standards. Keeping the software up-to-date is fundamental and we don't guarantee to be able to help you solve problems caused by outdated software. Additionally, third party plugins may break our extensions, either because they are outdated or not well-developed. We will do our best to help you locate these conflicts, but it is not our fault if problems are caused by third parties. You should contact their developers in this case.

Templates issues and conflicts

Third parties templates are fully supported by all our extensions. However, sometimes it can happen that your template applies certain rules and framework that break the layout of some views of the component. Our designers will help you locate such incompatibilities and fixes should be available as long as your template uses updated JavaScript and jQuery libraries as well as updated CSS frameworks like Bootstrap. Our extensions are always updated whenever frameworks deprecate or remove certain functions. Our extensions cannot be blamed because of a template that does not follow the web evolving and changing.

Code customization

Our software is provided "as is". There is a demo section for each extension and our team is available to clarify any doubt prior to the purchase. Support requests received for customizing the source code are very rarely answered positively. If you need to know how the software executes certain tasks, then we will be more than happy to inform you. However, we may not be able to give you the exact lines of code or snippets to modify. You should hire a programmer if you need help to complete your project by applying modifications.

CSS Customization

We understand that you or your client may prefer a darker blue background or a wider container for the images. However, all this graphical layout modifications are considered as customization of the extension. We mainly work with developers, web-agencies and designers that are supposed to know how to tweak certain layouts by using the browser inspector tool. Our designers will provide helpful guidelines in order to help you solve the problem, but we will not do the customizations for you, not even for an additional fee. The software we sell, and the Joomla CMS itself, provide enough functionalities to apply custom CSS rules to adjust the design of our extension in your website.

JavaScript/jQuery Errors

There are many JavaScript frameworks available and many are their development versions. The latest Joomla versions support Bootstrap and jQuery, and those are the frameworks used by our extensions as well. Sometimes it can happen that the datepicker calendar does not work on your extension because multiple jQuery libraries, maybe of different versions, are being loaded on your website. Our documentations provide guidelines for understanding the cause of these issues and our support team will be available to help you fix the problem as long as it can be fixed without making modifications or updates to third party extensions.

Suggestions and feature requests

We love to collect suggestions from our clients and to hear your new ideas. However, we build software for the masses and although your ideas may be cool and brilliant, we will have to evaluate multiple circumstances in order to not create conflicts between existing functions. Feature requests are always wrote down on our change-log, they are considered for future releases and they are prioritized depending on the number of similar requests received. Your suggestions and requirements may also not be included in the future updates though, maybe, maybe not.

Bug reports

Bugs must be crashed. Please do report the errors you have encountered in our software but try to be the most precise as possible by reporting detailed tracking information with examples, links and screen shots. Our programmers will replicate the situation on our servers and we will release either a patch or an update as soon as possible.

Talk to someone/real-time support

Support is offered via email or through our Support Hub at Our response timing is pretty fast, but not immediate. We prefer to not offer real-time support over the phone, Skype, Zoom, Meet or any other chat/screen-sharing software or platform. This is mainly to avoid any language incomprehension and to allow our support members the time to look into the issue you reported with your support ticket. Also, forums are beneficiary for both customers and ourselves as information and resolutions are shared across our website and remain available for other customers (if necessary). There can be some rare cases where a phone conversation could solve problems more quickly, but we rarely offer this way of communication.
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