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All the extensions are licensed under the GNU General Public License. Before downloading them, you will be asked to register the domain license on which the software will be installed. This will also ensure to register the copy of your extension and to receive periodic updates or patches. From your account on this website you will be able to manage your domain licenses at any time. Only the licensed domains will be able to receive future updates, as long as your license is active. In case you need to install the same extension on a different website (domain), or if you need to renew an existing license, you should purchase another copy of the same extension from this website. By purchasing one of the main extensions listed on this website you will be able to register a new domain license, or you will be able to extend (renew) the license for an existing domain in case your account already has a confirmed purchase order for the same extension. Please refer to the Updates section below for further details and terms.

Translations and Language Packs

All the extensions come with an official translation in English and, sometimes, with other official translations made by our team for other languages (in Italian most of the times). However, on this website there are available many users-contributed translations that were not made or reviewed by our staff. The Translations Board on this website will display all the translations available, but since they were contributed by some others of our customers, they may not be complete, or they may contain errors. All the users-contributed translations are not included in the extensions, and E4j is not responsible for any errors that may be contained in the users-contributed translation files. From this website you can download for free the available Language Packs for the various extensions, and you can also contribute on the existing translations.
All the translations made from our Translate board belong to E4J. We will keep track of your User ID to display the Contributors page, but cancellations of such translations can only be made or considered by our company. If we retain that some translations are correct, we are allowed to keep them available on our website. However, you can request a cancellation of your entire account on our website, and we may assign your previous translations to another Editor of our staff. By contributing on the translations of the extensions, you are supposed to have reviewed our Privacy Policy and to agree with it.

Updates & Licenses

All the popular extensions of e4j are constantly improved and updated. Updates are free as long as your license is active. From your account on this website you will be able to manage and review all of your licenses for any extension purchased. Every license key gets a default duration of one year, during which you will have full access to any official update and to our Support Hub to request assistance. If your license is expired, you can renew it by purchasing the same extension with the same account. If the update contained only security patches or critical bug fixes, then our company will be able to decide to release such updates for free, only on the licensed domains, no matter if the license is expired.
By purchasing an extension from this website you will never be forced to renew your license once expired. The software version you have installed on the licensed domain(s) will never cease to exist or work, but updates and technical support will only be available to active licenses and registered domains. Therefore, if you ever needed to update an extension on a website with an expired license, you will have to renew the license by purchasing it again.


All the templates are licensed under the GNU General Public License. No domain needs to be registered for enabling extra features and you are able to install and use them on as many websites as you want. However, starting from January 2023, an update-code will be available for any template purchased with your account. By entering such update-code in the template settings of your Joomla website, you will be able to receive future updates. This is how you can register the copy of your template.

Payment Gateways

We provide integrations with several tens of banks/gateways worldwide for all our extensions. All the available payment gateways have been tested by at least one of our clients. Such integrations are subject to change in the discretion of each bank, and our company does not get notified when such changes are made or whenever deprecation of services are applied. Whenever updates to the code of an existing payment gateway are necessary, e4j will schedule a release date for a newer version of the integration, and the current one will be temporarily unpublished on this site. We cannot be retained responsible in any way for a payment gateway that no longer works.

If you are looking for an integration with a bank that is not available on our website, then you can try and contact us to request a quotation for a custom development. This is the only custom development offered by our company, but our availability is subject to change from time to time. We may not be able to offer the necessary custom development service, but we provide technical specifications for developers that show how to create your custom payment gateway plugin for the extension purchased. This means that any programmer you may hire could help you develop a custom payment plugin for your Joomla website and our software, even without our help.


All the packages are licensed under the GNU General Public License. Packages may contain multiple extensions also sold individually on this website, and so the same Extensions policy listed above is applied.

Affiliate Program

Any payment request sent to e4j will be analysed and the website that had the banner(s) published must be a sort of an advertisement site from which visitors can know some information about the software. The banners(s) must remain as published for a number of days not lower than 30 days after the payment request has been sent and the address of the website cannot be changed. Also, the website that is advertising a banner of an e4j software cannot be a website that runs that software or that could run it because the nature and the contents of the website are similar to what the software does. Basically a car rental website cannot advertise a banner of VikRentCar or an accommodation website cannot advertise a banner of VikBooking.
Additionally, websites participating or trying to participate to the Affiliate Program, could not advertise the links of the banners as promotional codes to invite the visitors to follow the links and get the purchase assigned to the affiliate account. Coupon codes for advertisement are only available for our Partners and it's a different thing than participating to the Affiliate Program.
Lastly, only reviewed and approved websites can participate to the e4j Affiliate Program. As of January 2023, the affiliate program is cancelled. We now only offer reseller plans.

Refund Policy

Extensions, Updates, Licenses, Templates, Payment Gateways, Packages

e4j Extensionsforjoomla.com software solutions are available for purchase as fully-functional product, on try-before-buy (on our servers) terms. We provide demo websites (front-end and back-end) to let you evaluate our products before purchasing. All the features of the item purchased are described in its pages on our websites, most of the times in a demo website (front-end and back-end) and, in case the item is a Template or a Package, a PDF file may be available.
You can count on our pre-sale support, the Support Hub and the demo websites to make sure the software meets your needs and requirements before purchasing a license.

After purchasing an e4j Extensionsforjoomla.com software, you will receive a link via eMail to register a domain license for installing the software. The same link will also be available on your account on this website. Our refund policy is very strict, and you are not entitled to request a refund after having registered a domain license, or after having downloaded the software. Any refund request will be considered depending on the type of software purchased (Extension, Update/License, Template, Payment Gateway) and if you are not familiar with the Joomla CMS you cannot ask to be refunded because you are unable to get the same result as the demo website. Another type of request that is never accepted is when you think a feature was available in the extension but instead it isn't. Updates are very frequent and we always collect information and feature requests from our clients to improve our software. There's a demo website and a dedicated support team to help you make sure the software meets your needs and requirements before committing any kind of purchase. Software purchased on this website cannot be returned like regular goods for the sole reason that once you get the hands on the source code, the software is yours. Having said that, all refund requests issued after 15 days from the purchase date will never be accepted.

It is your responsibility to familiarize yourself with this refund policy. By placing an order to e4j - Extensionsforjoomla.com, you are supposed to have read this refund policy, agreed with and fully accepted the terms of this refund policy.
If you do not agree with or fully accept the terms of this refund policy, please do not purchase an e4j - Extensionsforjoomla.com product.

Support Policy

We are proud of having thousands of satisfied customers thanks to our extensions and to our professional and efficient support. The popularity of our extensions and their reviews are an indisputable proof.

Our company does not sell any sort of membership or business plans, we sell extensions for the Joomla CMS and the support we offer is limited to your purchases. None of our extensions has recurring costs, it is always a one-time payment with no additional fees. We do not even sell trial, basic, lite or pro versions of the extensions, what you purchase is the software in its full shape.

That said, Support has a date limit for each purchase. It is hard to predict how long it takes to complete a project with one of our extensions as this may change depending on many different factors. However, the limit we give is a fair amount of months during which you are supposed to have understood how to configure and how to use your extension.

Support limit is one year from the purchase date. After that time, support requests are only accepted for the following reasons: errors occurred after upgrading to a newer version, bug reports, suggestions. Our company will not accept support requests for any other reasons, like for getting an explanation of how a function works or how something could be tweaked. Our documentation pages and the knowledge base sections should assist you in these cases.

Once the support limit date has expired, you will still be able to use your extensions of course, just like if nothing happened and you will not be charged for any additional fee. If, for some reasons, you will still need support after the date limit, you will have to purchase the same extension a second time to renew your license.
Our support is fast, faster than what you'd expect and what you've seen with many other companies. We guarantee answers within 12 hours at most on regular working days (week days), and within 72 hours on weekends or festivities.

The word "Support" has multiple meanings and surroundings. Here is a list of how e4j treats various scenarios of support requests.

Privacy Policy

This website uses cookies to provide an efficient user experience when browsing the various sections and contents. For more details about our use of cookies, please refer to our Cookies Policy.
By purchasing any of the extensions available on this site, you voluntarily give e4j - Extensionsforjoomla.com the permission of sending important notifications via email to your address about the software you purchased, or related products. You will be able to unsubscribe from our mailing list at any time, either by contacting us via email, or by using the apposite unsubscribe link (when available).
Your information will not be shared with any third party companies, ever, and it will be used for the sole purpose of notifying you for updates, new products, and promotions related to our company.

Contributing on the translations for the various extensions will add your profile to the Contributors list. The name you selected from the registration form will be the one displayed in the Contributors page for the translations. By editing your profile you can change this information, or even upload a profile picture, which would still be visible in the Contributors page, together with your username (in the URL). The Contributors page is visible to other users of our website, which will be able to see how many translations you made, how many achievements you unlocked, and your contributor score. You should not contribute on the extensions if you don't want to be listed on our website, or you can use nicknames to hide your identity. Since you can voluntarily choose to contribute on the translations, a cancellation of your profile and data should be requested via email directly to our company. In this case, your existing translations may be assigned to one member of our staff. Only the information about your profile would be removed from the entire website, but the translations you made will remain property of E4J.

This Privacy Policy is incorporated into the e4j Terms of Service and Conditions. This Policy applies to the information we obtain through your use of our Services and Software, and may change as our Services and Software evolve. We will notify you of changes made to this Privacy Policy by posting them to this website that you should periodically check. If you do not agree with this Privacy Policy, or cannot familiarize with it, please do not purchase any software from this website.

1. Information Collection and Use

We collect information necessary to set up your account for using our Services, such as your email address, your passwords, your name, your telephone number, your website URL(s), your company and billing details. In order to set up an account, we will ask you to input a limited amount of personal information necessary to establish the connection with the various OTAs and to issue periodical invoices for your company. Some information can also be used for sending notifications via POST Requests (server to server), via SMS, via Push Notifications to the App or via Email to your address.
In general, we process your information in ways that will help you get the most out of your use of your account and our Services, or to communicate with you. We also collect your geographic area and language, to send accurate notifications.

We use cookies on our websites and software to provide a better user experience, to remind you some personal information on our website and for statistics, through the use of tracking pixels (Google Analytics).
Through Google Analytics Advertising Features we collect information for re-marketing actions, Google Display Network Impression Reporting, Demographics and Interest Reporting. With this features Google Analytics collect data for advertising purposes, including the collection of data via advertising cookies and identifiers. To opt-outs from collecting this information, please follow this opt-outs Google Analytics guide, or you should deny the use of all cookies from the apposite cookie banner displayed to your browser during the first time you visit this website.

This data is never shared by our company with any third-party services or websites. The only purpose for collecting such information is to improve our business and website.

2. Information Access and Disclosure

We do not share, rent or sell your personal information to third parties. We are a software development company, so we are not in the business of selling your information.

Our company could disclose your information only when: we have your explicit consent; we determine or believe it is necessary to investigate potential violations of our Terms of Service and Conditions.

Your licensed production and testing domains will not be made public on any kind of portfolio section without your explicit consent, and they will never be shared with any third party company.

3. Information Deletion and Update

You can delete your accounts information or request a deletion of the personal information at any time. If you have purchased a software or a service from our company, and if you request a deletion of your personal information, our service will terminate but this will not necessarily involve a refund. Our refund policy will take action in this case. In order to completely delete all your information, it is also necessary to uninstall all our software from your website.

Any personal information can be updated directly from your website by using our software. Other kinds of information can be updated from your account on our website, or you can request an update of any details directly to us. We guarantee to fulfil your request within one week.

All the delete actions cannot be undone, and once some information will be deleted, e4j will no longer be able to access or retrieve data as the information will be destroyed and no longer in our hands.

In case of violations of our Terms of Service and Conditions, e4j can deactivate your account without deleting your information. This will pause the Services on your end that will not work until your account will be resumed by our team. Any pauses or interruptions of the services caused by violations of our Terms of Service and Conditions, will not necessarily involve refunds. Our refund policy will have to be consulted in these cases and e4j can choose to not resume again your account.

4. Questions, Contacts and Requests

Feel free to use the contact forms on this website to reach out to us for any kind of request. Should you need to review, update or delete your information, please make sure to contact us through the apposite contact forms on this site. We will get back to you via email. Otherwise, if you prefer other ways to communicate to us for special requests, feel free to contact us via postal mail at the address specified on our Terms and Conditions, use our social media accounts, or give us a phone call at our office. Do not send direct email messages to our addresses for important requests, as they may not be delivered to the proper members of our team.

Terms of Use, Refund Policy, Support Policy (Terms and Conditions)

These terms and conditions are subject to change without notice, from time to time in our sole discretion. The company e4j - Extensionsforjoomla.com will notify you of changes made to these terms and conditions by posting them to this website. If you do not agree with these terms and conditions, please do not purchase any software from this website.


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